Fire Services History - Victoria

Fire Services Museum Victoria provides a home and focus for the history of fire fighting services in Victoria. The Museum includes a collection of over 10,000 fire related items, the largest collection in Australia, featuring fire brigades, fire appliances, personnel histories, memorabilia and associated items.

Online History in Brief

The Museum collection is extensive. We have included a few brief online displays and we are currently in the process of updating our website so why not pop into the Museum in the meantime or follow us on our Facebook Page

Special Online Displays

The Great Fire of Melbourne

The biggest fire Melbourne has ever seen..........

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The "C" Series Hose Carriage/Pumper.

One of our favourite, restored Fire Services Vehicles, on display in the Museum..........

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Regular Online Displays

History of Fire Fighting Services in Victoria

Prior to 1891 Victoria had a system of volunteer and Insurance company fire brigades. In 1891 the Victorian Government passed a Brigades' Act which provided for the formation of two boards, one to cover rural Victoria and the other the Metropolitan area. Thus the Country Fire Brigades Board and the Metropolitan Fire Brigades Board were born.

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Fire Fighting Vehicles (Appliances) - Timeline

Over the years many vehicles have been acquired, restored and displayed (and loved) by the Museum's volunteer team of members. Some of the vehicles featured in this timeline are currently on display in the Museum.........

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Fire Fighters, Brigades and Families
**Feature page for Brigades and Firie Families

The Museum also has a wonderful collection of old photos featuring firefighters, their life on the job and the lives of their families who often lived at, or very near to, the fire brigades. Many photos have been donated to the Museum by families of past "firies". We thank these donors for generously sharing their history and enriching our collection. A few of these photos are, in turn, shared here...........

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History of the Fire Services Museum Building

The Fire Services Museum is located in the Metropolitan Fire Brigades Board Head Station, built 1893. This beautiful building of Queen Anne design carries a National Trust classification. We are currently preparing the subpage for this so please check back soon

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Kids Page - History in Brief

Visit the Kids Page for more history in brief.

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