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The Fire Services Museum of Victoria is an organisation dedicated to the preservation and showcasing of fire-fighting memorabilia from Victoria, Australia and overseas. It boasts one of the largest collections of fire-fighting memorabilia in Australia, with it being located in one of its prized exhibits: the original headquarters of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) on the corner of Gisborne St and Victoria Parade, East Melbourne.

Today the museum is run completely by volunteers, each with a unique background with the fire services; Some being former and current members of Fire Rescue Victoria, the MFB, Country Fire Authority (CFA), Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) and many more other fire-related agencies.

For the most up to date news on coming displays, events and other places you
might see the Museum's team and vehicles please check our Facebook Page

Fire Services Museum re-opens 19th of May 2022
Tell your family, tell a friend, tell your workmates, tell the neighbourhood gossip !
The Fire Services Museum is open again !!

As always Please check our Facebook Page for the latest information.

Water damage update - 15th May 2022
All of our artefacts and displays are ok, however repair work due to water damage is ongoing
Remaining water damage repairs can be carried out without impacting visitors

New Memorabilia item available - Replica pin of Heritage cap badge !
The FSMV has produced a pin that is a replica of the original MFB hat badge.
The Pin is 3cm by 3cm and the price is $12 plus postage of $11 for any number of pins.
We have photo's of the Original hat badge the replica pin on our sales page.

Neil Graeme Muir
On Friday the 11th of Feb, we said Goodbye to Neil Graeme Muir
The Museum is both humbled and honoured to have been asked to accept
donations in his memory via this link Neil Muir Memorial

New "Firie Family Article
Sally Johnson has provided us with some recollections of growing up around the MFB Band
including some old Band programmes and articles.
“The Music Man” Click on the link to read this wonderful contribution from Sally

Webpage updates !

We have converted our webpage to use https instead of http, so you will now see the litte padlock when you connect to us. Please let us know if you find any issues when looking around our site via our Contact Page

We have also published "Born Under the Bells" by Trish Dwight which she wrote during the Melbourne COVID lockdown last year. Why not have a read here and maybe send us in your own recollections which we can publish for you via our webpage and social media

Email address changes
Please note the Fire Services Museum is migrating from fsmvic@tpg.com.au to enquiries@fsmv.net.au as our primary email address !

Kids colouring Page and a puzzles page
We are adding things to our kids colouring page
These are downloadable pdf's you can print. If you have drawings for us to add
please email them to us at enquiries@fsmv.net.au so we can add them.
Then we can make them into pdf's to share.

We have also added a puzzles page which has some jigsaws
and will soon have some crosswords as well

Last Update: Sunday 15th May 2022