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The Fire Services Museum of Victoria is an organisation dedicated to the preservation and showcasing of fire-fighting memorabilia from Victoria, Australia and overseas. It boasts one of the largest collections of fire-fighting memorabilia in Australia, with it being located in one of its prized exhibits; the original headquarters of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) on the corner of Gisborne St and Victoria Parade, East Melbourne.

Today the museum is run completely by volunteers each with a unique background with the fire services. Some being former and current members of Fire Rescue Victoria, the MFB, Country Fire Authority (CFA), Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) and many more other fire-related agencies.

For the Most up to date news on coming displays, events and other places you
might see the Museum's team and vehicles please check our Facebook Page

FSMV Temporary Closure for COVID19 - until at least mid Septmeber when Govenment restrictions will be reviewed

In the meantime the Museum and its' members are active on facebook and working on some edits to post on our You Tube Channel

Email address changes
Please note the Fire Services Museum is migrating from fsmvic@tpg.com.au to enquiries@fsmv.net.au as our primary email address !

Commemorative Pin
The FSMV have created a Commemorative Lapel Pin for the transition of the MFB to FRV
for more details see our page here Pin Details

Kids coloring Page & A puzzles page
While no one can go very far we are adding things to our kids coloring page
These are downloadable pdf's you can print. If you have drawings for us to add please email them to us at
enquiries@fsmv.net.au so we can add them. Then we can make them into pdf's to share.
We have also added a puzzles page which has some jigsaws
and will soon have some crosswords as well

FSMV Signs Lease !!

Thursday the 19th of March 2020 was a great day for the Fire Services Museum
of Victoria. Michael Moore has proudly been able to sign off on a project
he has been working on since 2019.
The project was to get a proper legal binding document for the Fire Museum to stay
in the Museum Building at East Melbourne which was built in 1893.
The building is owned by the MFB, however with changes to the fire service
in 2020 the MFB will be replaced by the Fire Rescue Victoria from July 2020.
Standing beside Michael in the photo is MFB ACFO Marty Braid who along with
ACFO Dave Bruce has supported this process. So the museum is safe and secure
as we embark on the new era of Fire Service reform in Victoria.

Michael thanks the committee of the FSMV who have allowed him to be their
corporate advisor and to ensure security of the museums continued home and place
in our countries history.

Last Update: Monday 21st September 2020